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Dionne Auguste

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My Story


When I was at school I never knew what I wanted to do for a profession. I knew that I enjoyed working with people, I liked the idea of "business" and sure enough the idea of making money. I took on my first job when I was 13 years of age working on reception for a nail salon at the weekends. I was shy but I enjoyed making my own money and learning new skills. I learned that if I worked hard I could afford to buy things that would normally have taken me weeks to save with my 5 quid pocket money. I became independent at a very early age.

I had shown potential to my employer. Within 6 months I was doing hand manicures, nail extensions, nail art and ear piercings! I stayed in this role part-time through my school years and as I got older I wanted to make more money. I was not interested in University back then. I went to work after college and through my work ethic and capability I grew from strength to strength. I was promoted and fast tracked throughout my sales career.

In my early 20's I had an opportunity to work in recruitment, I liked the idea of helping people find their ideal employment and matching employers with their ideal candidate.

Recruitment allowed me to develop my own personal skills, communication, leadership, business acumen and discipline. Over the years I have learn't how to reflect in order to grow. I was able to move to Australia through a sponsorship scheme which not only changed my life but it was one of the biggest challenges I had ever experienced (apart from climbing to Everest base camp). I will tell you more about that in my Everest blog.

My career has not been plain sailing. I am thankful for the highs and lows that recruitment has brought to my life, the people (good and bad) I have met along the way. I have taught myself to take all experiences as lessons to enable me to adapt, be stronger and succeed (even  when I was told I would fail). I can now embrace the lows and have some level of peace but it has not been easy. Personal growth needs to be worked on and sometimes a little support can give us the courage we need to survive those toughest of days and reset our path.


I have had some guidance over the years from various mentors, friends and colleagues. Without them I often wonder how I would have survived some of the curve balls I have been thrown. I will talk more about my journey through my blogs.

At the peak of my career I was awarded with a PinkPetro GRIT award  in October 2018, I won the category "International Female Leader". I will be eternally grateful to Katie Mehnert and what she contributes to the success of women all over the world. Katie has inspired me to put all of my skills and knowledge to use. I made the decision to mentor women who may need some guidance, encouragement,  or someone who will believe in them.

I will say this sentence again "someone who will believe in them" ….. As women we like to feel part of a "tribe". It is imperative we support each other, connect and influence positively. A colleague of mine used the word "tribe" when talking about her network of friends. People she trusted, she had made a commitment to herself to only surround herself with those worthy of being part of her "tribe". The environment we put ourselves in is incredibly important and this is something I discuss in detail throughout my mentoring sessions.


I never understood the power of belief. I have always oozed confidence but when I had a "blip" I was lost. The belief  "my tribe " had in me gave me the strength I needed to get through. I realised not everyone has a high level of confidence or the access to resources for the support they need.

Speaking from experience ladies if there have been times when you thought you were "crazy" , not listened to (even though you were right), talked over, lost and peed off because you didn't get the promotion you deserved I can assure you that you are not alone!

When I won my award, I had hundreds of women reach out to me on LinkedIn wanting advice. They were in search of someone they could relate to. They mostly asked what kind of support I had to get me where I was and if I could recommend any mentors or resources. I then began offering free mentor sessions and writing my own materials and so here we are.  

I have put together a series of modules based on my years of experience, training and knowledge. I offer support to women who want to work on their professional or personal development. I believe that to have balance across both, you should consider your professional life and your personal life as a partnership to your success and healthy well-being.

The length of time to invest in your sessions is different for everyone depending how serious you are about the investment in YOU.

In the "RESOURCES" section you will find free guidelines and tips.

In my spare time I am a pet photography and you can also book a shoot for your fur baby via the "SERVICES" section for  PAWTOGRAPHY PERTH.